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14 January 2011 @ 11:06 pm
Title: I'll Sing You My Heart / Yorokobi no Uta
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Group: Akame (KAT-TUN)
Word count: 5,137 (One-shot)

"Aishiteru, aishiteru."
Jin isn't good with numbers, nor is he good in words.
So when he decides that Kame needs to know, he does the only thing he can do best.
He sings.

Notes: My first fanfictions involving new pairings is always awkward in my opinion, and since this is my second Akame fic, it turned out so much better than my first one (at least that's how I see it, LOL. XD) The entire fic is spun off KAT-TUN's Yorokobi no Uta, so I really urge you guys to take in the meaning of the lyrics itself because, well, it's pretty much the focal point of everything. XD Also, if you haven't listened to this song at all, LISTEN TO THE SONG. Aside from it being amazingly amazing, it will give you the general feel of how I envisioned the story to feel like. :D I added a link up there. :)) Also, when I was writing this fic I listened to Jung Yonghwa's For First Time Lovers, and it suits it incredibly well, so, I recommend listening to it while reading through this. :)) All in all I wrote this fanfic (which is kind of opposite to my first one, The Anatomy of a Broken Heart), to kind of show that Jin leaving the group doesn't only spawns sad endings. :)) Yosh. Enjoy. :))

I’ll Sing You My Heart / Yorokobi no Uta
An Akame fanfiction by Nhixxie / Nhijumma
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13 September 2010 @ 05:59 pm
Title: The Anatomy of A Breaking Heart
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Group: Akame (KAT-TUN)
Word count: 3,338 (One-shot)

"We're not that close."
But when Jin plans to leave, Kame breaks,
And with this he questions what Jin broke--his group, or Kame's heart.

Notes: My first Akame fic! :D I have forever loved this pairing ever since I've gotten into the KAT-TUN fandom, so in celebration for it, I am writing a fanfic for them. <3 Even if Jin is not in the group anymore, I believe in this two so badly it's unhealthy for me. XD Enjoy!

The Anatomy of a Breaking Heart
An Akame story by Nhixxie / Nhijumma

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02 September 2010 @ 01:24 pm

Title: English, Underlines, and 120 Seconds.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Group: Khunyoung (2PM)
Word count: 3,625 (One-shot)

For Wooyoung, learning English takes forever.
Underlines for things he doesn't understand are eternal.
But giving up on Nichkhun? 120 seconds.

Notes: It's been a looong while. :)) My Khunyoung skills are rusty, so please do forgive me. XDD This is dedicated to euphoric_yanna (whose journal is deleted and purged, WTFF dude! XD) who constantly pushes my ass to get back to Khunyoung fanfics. :D Enjoy and sorry for the lack luster writing, I promise it will get better soon. XD


English, Underlines, and 120 Seconds.
By: Nhixxie // Nhijumma ; A KhunYoung story

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31 January 2010 @ 07:35 pm



We’re an Artwork, Wooyoung.

Nhijumma // Nhixxie, A Khunyoung story.




            When rain falls,

I’ll be the umbrella that covers you

            When the wind blows,

I’ll be the wall that shields you

            And however deep the dark of the night

            I know that tomorrow will surely come.


            Asu Wa Kuru Kara; DBSK.




They criticize us; we crumble in response.Collapse )
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17 January 2010 @ 01:12 am
Title: Happy Valentine's Day, Stranger.
Rating: G 
Pairing/Group: Khunyoung (2PM) 
Word count: 706 (One-shot) 

"I don't need this." Nichkhun says impatiently.
Wooyoung simply smiles. "Trust me. You do."

Notes: This is an assignment for English, but while I was writing it, LO and BEHOLD, Khunyoung was in my mind. XD (Nichkhun being 'Nick' and Jang Wooyoung being 'Jane'. XD Couldn't think of any English girl name for Woo. D:) So this is a bit simplistic compared to my other works. :] English clasmates couldn't take the metaphoric goodness, I figured. XD ENJOY. :]


Happy Valentines Day, Stranger.

Nhixxie // Nhijumma






He nods kindly and smiles.Collapse )
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01 January 2002 @ 10:36 am



Title: A Happy Ending and An Ultimate End

Rating: PG-13 
Pairing/Group: Khunyoung (2PM) 
Word count: Failed to Count. LOL. (One-shot) 

                There's in nothing more painful than saying "I love you" and recieving nothing back.
                Sadly, Nichkhun learns this a heartbeat too late.




Notes: Ahuu, another angsty one. This is really not a Khunyoung, in my opinion, and there is more WooJay than there is the other. But I'm too happy with Nichkhun's characterization, so I am posting this despite the blatant lack of my bias. XDD And this is probably the closest I could get to in writing a Jaebeom departure fic. :|



A Happy Ending and An Ultimate End.

By Nhixxie // Nhijumma





He breaks too, just like mirrors, crytals and hearts.Collapse )


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29 December 2009 @ 04:39 am
Title: Battling Soldiers, Wowing the Crowd
Rating: PG-13 
Pairing/Group: 2PM (khunyoung) 
Word count: 3,604 (one-shot)

"Wooyoung-ah, let's wow the crowd."
Wooyoung doesn't realize it immediately, but the moment he hears those words,
He wholeheartedly falls.
Notes: Not to fond of this one. D: I dunno. LOL. My measly New Year's gift to all my readers. XD HAPPY NEW YEAR, LOVIES!

Title: Battling Soldiers, Wowing the Crowd

Rating: PG-13 
Pairing/Group: Khunyoung (2PM) 
Word count: 3,604 (One-shot) 

"Wooyoung-ah. Let's wow the crowd."
Wooyoung might have not realized it during that very second, but the moment he hears those words,
He immediately falls.


Notes: Not really too fond of this one. D: I dunno. XD LOL. My measly (LATE) Christmas gifts to all 2PM (Khunyoung! XD) fans. AND DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT KHUNYOUNG LOVE IN SBS GAYO DAEJUN?! XDD Khunyoung A Day will have a field day. XD



Battling Soldiers, Wowing the Crowd.

By Nhixxie // Nhijumma







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15 November 2009 @ 12:02 am
Title: Desolate Eyes
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Group: 2PM (Jay-centric)
Word count: 444 (drabble)

Whispers, mutters, calls, screams.
1:59 PM hearts have done them all for the sake of Park Jaebeom.

Notes: A failed one-shot, so i turned it into a drabble. Didn't have inspiration, and maybe I really am not ready for a full-fledged Jay-departure fic yet. :|

Desolate Eyes

Nhixxie // Nhijumma

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04 January 2002 @ 07:30 pm

 To Write A Decent Story
Rating: PG-13 
Pairing/Group: 2PM (khunyoung) 
Word count: 3,802 (one-shot)

A cup of coffee, a laptop, and his inspiration.
This is all Nichkhun needs for him to write a decent story.
That is, before he met Jang Wooyoung.
Notes: Was inspired when I saw this awesome reading area at 'A different bookstore'. LAWL. I fail at life. XDD  Comedy/Fluff/A bit of Drama.

To Write A Decent Story

Nhixxie // Nhijumma

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